Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The New House

Okay, I’ve stalled long enough, its time to deliver.  This post is going to be all about the new house.  So much has happened recently, I thought I’d combine this subject with another one just to get things in, but it would not be fair to either subject.  Shucks, I may have to break down and do more than one post this week.  I guess stranger things have happened!


First of all, you are only going to see the common areas.  We share the house with Sandy, Paulette’s sister and it would not be fair to show her rooms and I know our bedroom is not something Paulette wants to log on and see on the web!  The office is not going to be featured this go round either.


Paulette has taken over the office and I have not been allowed to hang a single picture of my choice there or make any decisions on the décor in that room.  Take my word for it!  That room is not camera ready yet.


The natural starting place would be the exterior shot of the house, but we will depart from convention here and go directly to MY room.  Yes, capital letters, this is MY room.  The one room in the house I can do with as I please.  It is my entertainment center, music room, recording studio, bar with rustic fireplace and general lounging area.  Oh, yes, I forgot, my computer room, too.



Here is my throne from which I rule my kingdom, (and if you believe I rule, you’ve never been a male living with two adult women).



This next shot is my view while sitting on my, ahem, throne.



We move around the room now to the music corner just behind the throne area.



I call the long wall of the room the music wall.  It is home to a stereo system, a pair of drum tables and my vintage stereo speakers.  This sound system is separate from the Bose audio system the TV is broadcast through.



Next we step into an area that is coming together, but is still a work in progress.  This is our living room and dining room.



We have not had a TV in the living room in the past, but Paulette refuses to have a TV in the bedroom and has declared the living room as her private TV room should she not like what I am viewing in my room.



Now we step over to what I refer to as “No man’s land.”  Yep, it’s the kitchen and breakfast nook.



This is the other side of the kitchen so that those that care may see the fridge and stove setup.



We have a long porch that is accessed through my room and also the master bedroom which Paulette and I camp out in.  This shot is taken from the outside door to the porch looking towards our bedroom door.



This next shot is of the porch taken from the viewpoint of our bedroom door.



I am going to throw in a shot of the fireplace mantle and the items I have displayed there.  I do this because the two carved ceremonial masks that are on display were inherited by me from my parents.  These two beautiful carved masks were on display in my parent’s house for many years and I have always admired them.  Paulette hates them and does not want them on display.  She is of the opinion that they are of demons and have no place in a Christian home.  I have tried to explain that these ceremonial masks were used to ward demons off, but I am having trouble with this argument.  Oh, well, that’s why we call this room MY room, LOL.



Here are two of the smallest pictures on display in my room by the door leading to the front hallway.  These may be small but they each are very special to me.  Looking around the room one might think the boatman has a nautical theme for this room.



Finally, I present you with a shot of the front of the house taken from across the street. We live on a cul-de-sac, so it is very peaceful with almost no traffic.



That’s the house, delivered as promised.  I must admit it’s been kind of fun taking you on this tour.  I’ll be back soon with the promised post of the High School Sailing Regatta.  Until then, I’ll see Y’all on the docks!


pharmolo said...

Great place, Sam, thanks very much for showing us round your home!

piperacharmed1 said...

really cute house...thanks for sharing!


justplainbill said...

Nice place Sam. now give us a shot of the house from a vantage point outside. How far are you from the marina?
Good luck with the house, it looks like you aand the wife will be comfortable there.

jeroldssis said...

All women like to see the kitchen.  I love it because it's so open and I love the big picture window.  My kitchen is small with one window.  I'll take yours any day of the week!  Very nice house, too.  Thanks for taking us on the tour!

csandhollow said...

Very nice! I really like your room. Itis comfy!

stupidsheetguy said...

Just remember, a man's home is his castle, until his wife says otherwise! Good for you, you staked your claim!

But seriously, that's a great house, and I wish you and Paulette many years of happiness and comfort there. Lots of luck!


nightmaremom said...

Awesome Sam!  So much to say so little room!  LOL  The house is gorgeous!  Love what is happening there.  I chuckled when I saw the porch/patio, no need for your built gazebo, eh?  Or will you put it up further in the back?  I remember your entry about that :)~  Nice and roomy for sure!  You, Paulette, and Sandy will love it .......

slbourgoyne said...

Looks great.  I'm with you about the masks, but then I've always loved all of Aunt Mary's collections of items from around the world.  It takes a while to get settled.  I'm not through and we've been here 23 years. LOL  Love you, Lynn

mosie1944 said...

A fireplace in your room!  Too cool.  And that kitchen, I love it.  I WANT YOUR HOUSE!!!

drb1064 said...

Lovely house and I love the masks I have 2 at the top of my stairs and 1 at the bottom lol, my sister insists I turn them around when she comes to visit she thinks they are staring at her silly mare lol.
Debbie xxx

jeadie05 said...

Your house is lovely ,you have done well with it for the short time you've been there ,I love all the wood panneling,so warm looking ..love Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Sam I really enjoyed wandering through your new home ~ I loved the Kitchen and that beautiful big window looking out into the Garden ~ the view of the porch is great ~  as are all the others rooms ~ I hope you ~ Paulette and Sandy have many happy years living there ~ Ally x

fowfies said...

What a beautiful place! It looks very comfortable. I was wondering if your room was going to have a nautical theme, and I wasnt disappointed! We are already halfway to Florida in our house.  Both bathrooms are "ocean" themed, and so it the
bedroom.  Now if I could just convince Ian to let me stick some of those tacky plastic pink flamingos out in the front yard! he he...nahhh. I love the porch area especially.  We spend a lot of time out on ours. I like the masks...they are very unusual.  Wonder how much the Antiques Road Show would appraise them at?  Doesn't matter, Ian and I talk about that.  Things handed down in the family, it doesnt matter how much they are worth at auction, they were from family, so you will never get rid of them. How far are you from the water now? I see a guitar..do you play it a lot?  My dad has played ever since I can remember.  he teaches folk guitar at the local college and also has private students throughout the week. I love your room, its not bad at all, very tasteful...with that masculine touch. :) Thankyou for letting me take a peek into your new house, it was fun!

jlocorriere05 said...

Sam, your house is gorgeous! You've done so well in doing it up and I love your ceremonial masks too! I love your taste in furnishing and can imagine you sitting on your throne overlooking your kingdom! Lol! I can see you're going to be very happy there! Jeannette xx  http://journals.aol.co.uk/jlocorriere05/Welcometomytravels/  

madcobug said...

Thanks for the tour through your home Sam. I love every room you have shown especially your room. That porch looks so inviting to sit on and sip a cup of coffee in the early mornings. LOL on Paulette and the demon mask. I am wondering if the old clock on that same mantle belonged to either one of your parents or grandparents? Thanks for the comment you made on my journal. You did a good job on taking pictures yourself. Looking forward to your next post. Helen

memes121 said...

It's a beautiful house Sam! Glad you have a room of your own to go to when you get into trouble, LOL. Tammy

astaryth said...

Lovin' the new house!

labdancer51 said...

It`s a lovely house Sam but I have to agree with Paulette where the masks are concerned, they`d scare the life out of me...lol! :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

coloneljan said...

Your house is really lovely!  Your room is cozy and the common rooms are very welcoming.  I know it feels like you will never get everything unpacked!  Did you put up the ktty's outside houes again, or does she just stay on the screened porch?

dizarra said...

Hey, Diane, from New Jersey here-your journal is new to my eye's, but I like what I see! lol Your house is lovely! Feels good moving into a new home, esps. cause
your coming from the boat house? You & wife lived on the sea? That's so exciting to me-and I love the naudical feel your putting in that room; THE PORCH! The
screened in porch is to die for! {as we say here in the city} I would have picked that house just for the porch alone! I was wondering if the lamp & clock came from your parents? Is the lamp a real oil lamp, or does it have a bulb? {Ok-I know
I'm nosey!} The room you 'hang' in looks comphy-you have everything you need,
right there in reach-your lucky too-lots of men wish they had 'A Room' for themselves; I must go back and read early entry's to catch up-if I'm going to put  you on my alert's-stop by my journal when & if you get the time; I don't write daily
though-monthly is more like it. ~Diane~ http://journals.aol.com/dizarra/StorysFromtheCityTalesFromtheSea

memes121 said...

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nhd106 said...

Wow....I'm lovin' the house! Each room is special.   Glad you've claimed "your own"!   I guess we all need our own space sometimes.   You've done good!
It's still cool enough out for a nice fire in the fireplace...go enjoy!


jacksj989 said...

The house looks wonderful and I hope you and yours will be very happy there.

I do have a work room, not rearly as grand as your own, but, when I want to get out of the way, I venture into my good sized garden shed where I can, if I wish, get some pease.

Thank you for showing me round your home.


ksgal3133 said...

Beautiful house! Congrats :) Thanks for sharing it with us.


bvaneps834 said...

Sam, beautiful house and beautiful pictures!!  The clock on the fire place looks exactly like one I have from my grandmother!! Could you take a close up of it? I have never seen one just like it before. Mine still works, when I remember to wind it!  Barb

rjet33 said...

We have a family room in our basement that I told my husband he could decorate like he wants, as he has let me have free rein in the whole house.  I think the man deserves one room like he wants it.  ;-)  The pics are great.  I love the big window in the kitchen area that lets in all the natural light.  We have two fireplaces in our house.  I love them.  Nothing like covering up by a warm fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate in cold weather.  I am a music lover too, I took piano from 5th grade to 12th.  Haven't had a piano in so long now, I doubt I could play a single note.  ::sigh::  The porch looks nice and cozy!



helmswondermom said...

Beautiful house!  I especially love "your" room.  I wish I had a room like that in our house that was just mine!  Guess I'll have to wait 'til the kids are grown and move out.

lipglosslush7 said...

You have a LOVELY Home Sam!
Love your kitchen...Mine is rather small.