Wednesday, March 7, 2007

American Glory

It’s been an exciting week at the marina with a regional high school sailing regatta featuring sailing teams from high schools as far away as Tennessee and North Carolina.  I’ll try and post some of the pictures in an upcoming entry.  This coming weekend we are hosting the Deep South Sailing Regatta for the 51st year of this event.  We had over 50 boats entered in last year’s 50th anniversary race and expect a good turnout again this year.


Now, I know I promised PICS of the new house, but I am begging at least one more week to post any.  Paulette would kill me if I showed all the boxes, etc…  Bear with me on this, they will come soon.


Now, have you ever seen an Agatha Christie movie or read a book where the action took place on a small cruise ship or tramp steamer and thought, “How romantic?”  Did you figure that mode of transportation is of a different era and a thing of the past?  Well, the small cruise line business is alive and well and I have some pictures to prove it.


At least twice a year, since I started working on the water, I have seen this small cruise ship pass by going one way or the other on the Intracoastal Waterway.  I have always wondered about it.  Where was it from?  Where was it going?  How does one book passage?  I have snapped a few photos in the past that did not do the ship justice.  It made an appearance this past fall and I was able to snap a shot or two.  This time, on Dec.27th, I was better prepared and better armed for the task.


Here is a shot of its approach on the wide angle.  You can only see a white spec, so I edited in the arrow to direct your eye to the part of the frame that the ship occupied.



I knew as soon as I saw it on the horizon that it was The American Glory cruise ship.  I zoomed in and started shooting as it neared.



I did a web search and came up with some facts about the ship.


American Glory

Launched in July of 2002, American Glory was purpose built to cruise the Intracoastal and inshore coastlines of the eastern coastline. She is also very adaptable to larger rivers and lakes.

Operator: American Cruise Lines

Capacity (double occupancy): 49

Builder: Chesapeake Ship Building

Full Capacity: 49

Inaugurated: July 2002

Space Ratio: 30.2 / 30.2

Gross Tonnage: 1,480 gt

Crew: 22

Length: 174 ft. / 53 m

Berlitz® Rating: **


The actual Web Site for this cruise line, if you are interested is here:


As the ship neared our marina I could just picture me on deck sipping a mimosa as the ship passed our docks.



I envisioned what dining aboard might be like as the stars twinkled above and I made my way forward, dressed to the nines in white dinner jacket and dress pants.



I could just hear the knock at my cabin in the middle of the night.  The scream in the corridor, the crack of the gunshot, and the mysterious stranger crumpled on the carpet as I threw open the door.  The vivacious damsel in distress would fly past me into my stateroom for protection from enemies unknown and unseen.



Then my radio would crackle to life where it hung on the belt clip at my waist and I would remember I was still the Dock Master walking the docks and dreaming of things that will never be except in that place of great adventure and fabulous journeys… my imagination.



I watched as The American Glory passed me by again, wending its way down the ICW, passing America by, and providing the passengers with breath-taking view after view on the American waterway.



After its passing, I stood there on the docks reflecting on my own fate and position in life.  I must admit, after the wake had settled and the ship had departed the horizon, I felt at a loss to want for more.



I was privileged to enjoy this view every working day of my life and could not come up with any reason to feel slighted or unfulfilled.  I have my own adventures every day in some small way and really could not imagine a life different than the one I have forged and am living.  I turned in the other direction, and gazed at the spot on the horizon where The American Glory had first appeared.  The waterway was calm and the wreck of the old shrimp boat stirred more thoughts in my imagination.



Yes, I smiled as I turned and walked off the docks.  With all of this, who needs to travel for their adventure?  In my mind, I have all the adventure and intrigue I need right here in my own back yard.


mosie1944 said...

Which is exactly the way I enjoy my cabin in the woods!  My mind supplies the drama while my body takes its ease.

motoxmom72 said...

Wow, Sam. Beautiful Pics!  Thanks for sharing!

stupidsheetguy said...

As always, Sam, your talent for storytelling wows the audience. Couple that with a great series of photographs, and you've got the formula for success.

And the best part is, it's a story told by a man who has a firm grip on reality, and an appreciation for all the good things that life has to offer, even if they're not on the deck of a fancy cruise ship. Treasures are found onshore as well, it just takes a keen eye to dig them out.

A pleasure, my friend. Always good to hear from you.


ksquester said...

I concur with's nice to know that a man dreams these dreams also.  Great pictures and also look forward to seeing your pics of your new digs. Anne

slbourgoyne said...

Now that's the Sam I knew as a child.  Loved it!  and I agree that you can't want for more than walking a dock all day in a beautiful marina like yours.  
Love you, Lynn

slbourgoyne said...

Now that's the Sam I knew as a child.  Loved it!  and I agree that you can't want for more than walking a dock all day in a beautiful marina like yours.  
Love you, Lynn

piperacharmed1 said...

My high school did not have a sailing team...I feel
Quite the imagination you have there sir  : )
I have always wanted to cruise the Mississippi or Lake Michigan in a boat like that.....maybe one day....
You have a life I envy.....I would love to see the water have a job that is part of are truly lucky!

Take care,

nhd106 said...

I'm not sure which I like most...the story or the lesson.   Heck, why do I have to choose?  Both were wonderful.



sexyg002 said...

Thanks for stopping by :) I added you to alerts what an interesting journal you have! See ya in the journals! Cassie

drb1064 said...

Great entry thought for a minute I had stumbled into the 1920's with it's glamour and intrigue,lol.

jeadie05 said...

What lovely pictures with a story to fire the imagination ,I bet the schools regatta was good too Jan xx

coloneljan said...

It is good to be satisfied with where we are in life--a lesson learned from the hurricanes of 2005.  The marina's dock beckons to many of us, and you are fortunate  indeed to live the dream.  I live for it!!!!  Wonderful sharing and thank you for it!

sunnyside46 said...

Like I tell the kids, bloom where you are planted

astaryth said...

It is wonderful to dream... But it is even better to love the life you have. You are very lucky to be able to do something you love and make a living at it! Great entry... Loved it!

childebrand1968 said...

Yes.  We should all be lucky enough to visit your backyard at least once in a lifetime.

You, my friend, are most fortunate :)  

She is fine looking ship.  I honestly didn't know that intracoastal lines existed....  good to know.  Hoping they're a little cheaper than the bigger cruise lines.

Still, the view you see on a daily basis beats anything I see for months on end.  Years even...

Thanks for sharing another tale with us!  Looking forward to more...

I'm also intrigued about the high school sailing regatta.  Do they get taught that in high school or just high school aged kids?  What fun it would be if I had a sailing class in high school.


barbpinion said...

Hi Sam,
Loved this entry. The pictures are terrific, and your imagination made me smile. YOU ought to write a story. Hugs, love & prayers,

memes121 said...

Great entry! Tammy

pharmolo said...

Excellent entry, Sam. I quite agree that living on the dockside (or on the harbour front as I do) provides more than enough entertainment in itself.

jlocorriere05 said...

Oh Sam, I can't wait to come see all this for myself soon! Your marina and water pics always look so beautiful. I've always imagined myself laying on the deck of a luxury yacht in the hot weather, sipping at my drinks! I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of your new home once the boxes are unpacked. It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years! Jeannette xx    

ally123130585918 said...

Sam what a lovely entry you have given us ~ You sparked my imagination telling us about The American Glory cruise ship ~ and the High School Regatta ~ could just picture the scenario you described ~ you dressed up to the nines and rescuing a damsel in distress ~ it is wonderful to have dreams ~ but you are living part of your dream enjoying your life at the Marina and happy to be where you are today ~ Loved all the pictures and thankyou so much for sharing them with us ~ Ally x

onemoretina said...

You certainly do, Sam ..... being near the water is my favorite place to be, and whenever I get down to the shore, I feel adventurous just being there.  The water is like a living breathing thing, and it is never the same from one minute to the next.  And it always contains something to discover, be it lurking under the waves, or floating above them.  You are a lucky man, Sam.  Thanks for a fun entry.  Tina

bookncoffee said...

Pretty pictures.  Liked your imaginations....with the mimosa's and all...until you got to the gunshot.  LOL.
Have a good St. Pattys.  Better wear green?

rjet33 said...

I have a catfish pond in my backyard.  I love sitting on my deck overlooking it.  There is something very calming about the water, eh?  I read your All About Me section, you have lead a very interesting life.  Loved the pics and your imagination only enhanced them!



fowfies said...

Found my way here from Helens journal...I am enjoying yours!  We love the water, my husband and I, and hope to move closer to it in our retirement years.

mutualaide said...

Sam, this is one of those entries that I saved for another day.  Each time you post pics I enjoy them thoroughly -- my armchair view of America never ceases to bore or delight me as I travel through the journals of others.  I sat here day dreaming myself ... of Sam standing on a dock sort of rocking back and forth as he took his pictures and imagined himself in an  AG novel!