Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Final, final Horizon Post #1

As the evening news tonight was filled with stories that all would each be headline news in their own right, and all portraying catastrophe, war, economic failure, and low performance ratings, I come here to post my final entry in the Horizons series.

The Horizons series was created as a way to provide a diversion, if just for a moment, from world and national events. I wanted to expand your view of my world by showing you my horizons then take you to see what lies therein and beyond.

I invited any that wished to, to play along and show us a little of their world too. There were some takers and here are their links. My thanks to each and every one of them. There are some creative takes on this game and I enjoyed all of these efforts tremendously.








Now, one last play, for now at least. Here is the original picture of the horizon we are going to tonight. We are facing East.

Here is the same picture with the arrow showing what spot you will be transported to.

Here is what you would see as your new horizon at that location.

You are looking at part of a giant S-curve in the Wilmington River that is taking you between Wilmington Island and the Skidaway Island and heading out to Wassau Sound. In this part of the country a bay is referred to as a sound. On the other side of the sound is the Atlantic Ocean. The sound opens right up to the ocean and offers a route out to sea.

If you pan the camera over to the left from the above shot, you will be looking directly at the shore of Wilmington Island and this huge structure is the Wilmington Plantation.

The Plantation is a condominium complex that was created from the old Sheraton Hotel. To create this condo project, they added three floors to the already existing structure. The old Sheraton Hotel was, in the fifties and sixties owned by the mob and many famous gangsters used to stay and gamble there. It was sold to the Sheraton chain and tried to make it as a legit establishment. The locally famous Thursday Night Sunset Parties were started here, as a way to draw more business and it seemed the entire town of Savannah used to turn out for these.

The hotel eventually went bankrupt and after lying dormant for years, it was sold to a developer who turned it into condos. They are very trendy units and Oprah herself has purchased one of the larger units. After the hotel failed, the sunset parties were moved to a bar and restaurant in Thunderbolt called Tubby’s. To this day Tubby’s is virtually overflowing during the Thursday Night Sunset Party.

I took these shots from a boat and was passed while I was snapping them by this sailboat. You can’t see it from this angle, but the boat was flying a German flag. I thought that was interesting.

This next shot is looking back towards the point where I snapped the original horizon shots, my point of origin, so to speak.

This is the final shot in theseries with an arrow pointing to the tower I was standing in when I took the first pictures and dreamed up this little game.

The response to this game has been overwhelmingly positive and I thank you all for the great feedback I’ve received by way of your nice comments. Thanks to you all and have a pleasant week. I’ll try and do another post Monday or Tuesday and who knows what that will be about?


chatzeekay said...

FAcing east clueless but love the pics,,, looking at them set my mind at ease

madcobug said...

Hi Sam, The pictures as usual were great. You did a great job of explaining each photo. The plantation is some more plantation. We got to see a lot of interesting things with you horizon game. Wonder what the German boat was doing there? Thanks for sharing it all with us. Helen

ajoleblon said...

I changed my mind...instead of captaining a boat...I want to live on that plantation overlooking the water with my own personal yacht.

globetrotter2u said...

Hi Sam,
I didn't quite do the thing right, but I'm glad I tried to participate. Thanks for all the great pictures and I'll look forward to your next challenge.

nightmaremom said...

I am even more jealous now!  What a beautiful place, a true wonder.  I know you appreciate it and hope the folks in the area appreciate it as much.  Thanks so much for sharing!

childebrand1968 said...

I think I'll always be envious of where you are, Sam.  I certainly would never tire of seeing the horizons you see everyday :)

This was a great idea and I'm hoping to get mine in, even if you have stopped the game.  Bound and determined ;)


ryanagi said...

Now that looks like a NICE place to live. :-)

lurkynat said...

Dear Sam.
A very nice game indedd ! Nad well organized Captain!
It looks heavenly there

jmorancoyle said...

    Sam, I really enjoyed this little journey, if even only via computer screen. It makes me want to visit someday in the future. God only know when. I've always wanted to take a road trip along the coastal highway, from Maine to Florida. Hopefully one day before I'm too old to enjoy it. Take care.

onemoretina said...

    Thanks soooo much, Sam.  That was alot of fun, and it was a nice opportunity to take my J-land friends on my morning walk with me. By the way, that condo building in your photo is very nice.  I have a friend in Pooler .... I will have to ask her about that one !  Tina

mavarin said...

I love that buiding!  I'm glad a way was found to make it viable again.  Thanks for the series, Sam! - Karen

jlocorriere05 said...

Thanks Sam for all the great pics in this game of yours and all the links to others horizons. Have a good day, Jeannette.

judithheartsong said...

three sheers and VERY well done. judi

labdancer51 said...

I have really enjoyed this series of photos Sam.  Thanks for posting them and letting us into your part of the world. How wonderful to live in The Plantation, though I would think you need serious money for!  :-)

Sandra xxxx

salemslot9 said...

I think I can see Oprah waving
she's trying to signal you that it's time for lunch :)

anmyatt said...

What a great tour! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!  :)  ~Nikki

tillysweetchops said...

You live and work in a beautiful place. I envy your lungs all that fresh salty air!

cyndygee said...

You are so creative, Sam!  That was such fun!  Thanks.

ondinemonet said...

Hi Sam

I certainly did enjoy all your wonderful photos. I love the lone sailboat, I wish I was there...sailing gently in the wind off to places unknow, :) Lovely and fun.

Always, Carly :)

cneinhorn said...

I must say, you have  the best views in your neck of the woods!

astralasterisk said...

Sam I believe this was one of the most inventive and rewarding ideas I have seen in J-Land ...not only are we transported to yours and other's "slice of the world", we encounter the fabric of your life through your poetic discriptions...I wish this idea would be put into a separate journal of yours HORIZONS so when others find the time are inclination to join in we can get a glimpse of their world as well. All of us could put the journal on our alerts...the other's with new entries could email you their links so we might visit theirs. When you post their links in the journal, our alerts would go off to visit their horizons. In time I think everyone we know would leave a link there. I know I would once I found the time to play. Also, I would have this site HORIZONS on my favorites so I can revisit when I need to be transported in space and time to an idyllic setting such as yours...I am so impressed...Courtenay

memes121 said...

You know I really hate to see this end. It was a wonderful adventure. Especially for me. Becoming disabled has left me with a lot of limitations. One is the ability to travel. I love the mountains and living in the foothills, I am able to travel there once or twice a year. Just a 40 drive. Painful but worth it. But here lately, even before I discovered this and other journals, I have had an obsession with the ocean. It has been many years since I last been and the time is slipping away for me. It is a several hour drive and I can hardly do 40 minutes. Your journal and others has made my trip for me. Thank you for that. I hope you think up some more games. That was awesome!

sistercdr said...

For some unknown reason, bloglines lost my feed to your journal, and I've thought you just haven't been posting.  Now that I'm caught up, let me tell you I've thoroughly enjoyed your horizons challenge.  It's been a beautiful experience.

libragem007 said...

oh I like all the pics here...magnificent view of Wilmington Plantation!
Gem :-)

madmanadhd said...

Ahoy there... found your place VIA Gem...*Waving at Gem* Born and bred in the Boston area it was refreshing to read about bays referred to as sounds. My sister had dreams of living on a sailboat and traversing the oceans... but such dreams can be short-lived once crashing into the harsh walls of reality. She did manage it for a tad though.

Methinks this game shall continue in one form or another as you have struck a chord with many here in j-land. The combination of your photography, descriptive writing, and use of arrows to accent the location is very effective. Many years have been logged since I traveled through that area and your entry evoked some fond memories. With gratitude and envy for your grand entry (well it is a grand entry into my specter of j-land).

Yearning for more. .... Care to step in my spot of j-land? An open invitation to you and yours...

piperacharmed1 said...

Great pics of the the sailboat....I will have to go back and look at these pics in January when we have snow   : )     I like the hotel...interesting architecture...thanks for sharing!!

mutualaide said...

Sam, I have really enjoyed your horizons (and the others).  If my camera ever returns to me...I'll do my own horizons just for the fun of it.  Maybe fall will be just the right time to show every one the beautiful area I live in!