Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Moving Pilings

The Shuttle flies again. This is great news and my prayers go with the crew as they conduct their mission in space.

I thought I’d share with you some of the things I encounter from time to time in my job as a Dock Master. I have some pictures of the United States Sailing Junior Olympics to show, but I’ll save them for another post.

More often than one might think, large pieces of debris end up in the marinas around here. This debris can take many forms from little pieces of garbage carelessly tossed in the water to big objects that have the potential to be deadly if struck by a boat out in the waterway.

Recently one of the big, deadly types of debris found it’s way into my small domain. As is so often the case, I did not see this large piling float into the marina. No, I came into work one morning only to find that someone had pulled this out of the water and deposited it on my docks for me to have to deal with.

Now, what amazes me about all of this is that these large objects get pulled up out of the river in the dead of night and put ON the dock. Trying to get rid of this stuff takes two, three, even four men sometimes to move it off of my docks. How do they get it up and out of the water in the middle of the night with no one around to help them? If you ever see any of these midnight debris movers, watch out, they must be huge!

So, I have put together a collage of what happens to this stuff when I find it. I’m the one in the hat just like in the picture in the "About Me" section of this journal.

I enlisted my assistant to help me tow this piling around to my hoist area. We lifted it out of the water and set it on the back of my golf cart to take to the Dumpster.

I have put on about thirty extra pounds since I quit smoking on January 6, 2005. I am a little sensitive about being over my usual weight right now, so be kind with your comments, LOL! We can’t have The Boatman with hurt feelings, now can we? I have just started trying to take off the extra pounds. I’ll keep you updated on how that’s going in coming posts.

The last subject I want to talk about is photography. I shoot my pictures using the 650-pixel mode or the 1 mega pixel mode. My camera is a 3.2 mega-pixel Fuji FinePixI got for Christmas last year. I use the lower settings so they will download easier for those reading my journal. Is this what everyone else shoots at?

The other thing about the pictures is that sometimes I want to share a lot of shots with all of you but I don’t want it to take forever to access my journal, so I put them in a collage form like I did today. I am open to suggestions from all of you shutterbugs out there.

One last thing to tease you with. Someone J-Land my way comes!


judithheartsong said...

who is coming to see you? You know I hate being out of the loop. Love the pics and I LOVE it that you quit smoking. Handsome as always, inside and out. judi

labdancer51 said...

Jim put quite a bit of weight on when he gave up smoking but he got rid of it again eventually.  Congrats on giving up, it couldn`t have been easy.  Great pics, I can see why that might be so dangerous!

Sandra x

lurkynat said...

Dear Sam,
I can't believe that you and yuor assistant move so much debris allof the time! Woohoo! And thank you so much for the pictures; in them I can start to get an idea of the process...very interesting....You look very extraordinarily handsome in them! hugs, nat ..ps I know that your family must be soooproud of you for giving up smoking Sam! That is sooo great! Please put me on the very proud list! hugs,natters

scotthlori said...

Aaa, don't be so hard on yourself...you look great!  I am proud of you!! (for quitting smoking)  

Just got myself a FujiFinPix (S51000...10x optical zoom and 4.0 Megapixels) a few weeks ago...been taking pictures but really haven't learned how to use all the settings yet...boy, that manual is thick!  :)


jtuwliens said...

I watched the launch on television.  It's always fascinating to see.  Wish I could offer assistance with the pictures, Sam, but I'm not proficient.  I admire those who are.  Thanks for keeping the waterways clear.  Who in the world puts that stuff on the dock (as I scratch my head raw)?  Hmmm...  Trolls?  The Waterway-Gods?  I know, it the magical mermaids!  I'm hooked with your final tease!

emmapeeldallas said...

I always enjoy coming to your journal, and I agree with Judith Heartsong; you're handsome inside and out, and woo hoo! congratulations on quitting smoking.  The weight (and you look fine to me) will come off.  Although I've often despaired of the debris I've seen scattered when hiking, I've never given much thought to debris on the water...sheesh, who dumps all that stuff? I'm glad it gets picked up.  Thanks, too, for giving DETAILS on your camera and what you're shooting at to upload.  I'm shopping for a digital camera and that info is helpful to me.  I very much enjoy your pics, and I like the collage (and I'm impressed; I think it'll take me a looonnnggg time to figure out how to do that, but I love a challenge so I'll probably try).  
Who's coming to visit you from J-land?  That's very cool.


bvaneps834 said...

Really interesting Sam! And such good lookin legs!!!!

rap4143 said...

Very interesting seeing you at work and your photos are great. ^5 on giving up smoking!!!!

bvaneps834 said...

Hey, I have a Club Car just like yours, only mine is a beautiful dark red!

memes121 said...

I love reading about your adventures. I look forward to them. Keep up the great work!

louie0768 said...

First off, KUDOS to you for quitting smoking. I have tried a number of times but have that weakness about me. Stress is my excuse. It is in my life plan somewhere to quit but just don't know when yet.

You look just fine btw. It must be a daunting job to have to clean up all that unusual stuff that floats in. Do you ever find anything interesting? Something worth keeping? That sort of thing.

Cameras, well, I am a wanna be photographer, actually I am told that I should make my own book or something. But I am so anti-digital. I like my 35mm Canon EOS Rebel. I have shot with digital and enjoyed being able to see the photos immediately but it left little room for the element of surprise and in some way makes me feel less like a photographer....I have a quirk in that sense. I someday hope to have my own darkroom, I already have an enlarger, just need the room, the chemicals and the untensils and I am off. Someday....**sigh**

I will admit that digital cameras do take great photos though. Techonology makes me nervous is all. Sorry I cannot help with that but I do like your collage format that you display. I think it's a great way to show your photos.

I too will pray for the shuttle crew.....

madcobug said...

My prayers are also with the Shuttle. Your pictures are very interesting. As the driver of our boat when we go fishing I can appreciate the job you are doing. Ken has contol of the trolling motor LOL. People should respect our waterways. Congrats on quitting smoking. Good luck on taking away any unwanted pounds although you look fine to me.
Oh, although the pictures in my journal look big I have my camera set on the lowest setting. I can make them smaller by using a resizer but I don't put but a couple at a time in my journal. I dunno it may take a while for a person on dial up to get the page loaded.
Humm, wonder who your j-land visitor could be. By the way my daughter said to tell you that she & her friend enjoyed visiting in your fair city.  Helen

candace636 said...

You look great (love the hat)  and congrats for quitting smoking.  I know nothing about cameras. I bought a new one last year with the intent of taking some spectacular shots....but I'm too lazy to read the directions so I just point and shoot. Is your arrival coming from somewhere in Georgia?

anmyatt said...

You need not worry, you look just fine in those pics.  Congrats on quitting the ole cowboy killers!  I need to accomplish that one day, myself.
It is amazing how that cumbersome piling just arrived on your dock.  Hubby and I are doing a little jug fishing tonight, so I'll be on the lookout for those large moving men that you refer too.  I would not want to bump into something that can tote a piling like that after dark!  ;)  ~Nikki

coy1234787 said...

Ok ... it must be OK to say great legs, right?
Hmmm ... someone from J-land, your way comes!
Not even a hint? Will stay tuned to find out who it might be.
                       *** Coy ***

chatzeekay said...

legs lol comment on the legs great pics love them must share more with j land

yakima127 said...

What 30 pounds are you talikng about?  Seriously...where?  Good job on the quitting smoking!  I would like to catch a glimpse of the "midnight movers"...!  JAE

robinngabster said...

I personally like the picture of you and your assistant with your butts in the air as you lean over the dock!! Oooh la la!!! Who is coming? I feel a little green monster inside me growing....

southernmush said...

Good evening. Permission to come aboard captain ? Hello again.....It looks like you are doing well. I have to say that its a shame that people leave such debris on your dock. I do hope you and your assistant aren't getting cooked in this heat. Its been quite sweltering here in Georgia which I'm sure your aware of. Though I'm sure its beautiful being out there on the water. I have come to enjoy your journal it is really fascinating. I would like to say that your journal is truly a great read. I can't wait to read more of your journal in the future.

You don't look bad at all. You look like a very trained boatman who is well versed on boats and the water. I think you would be an interesting person to meet. Your pictures tell quite a story of an interesting guy who knows the true appreciation of boats, the water and of living the life of a boatman. Tell us more captain tell us more ????? Your readers and I included are waiting......

slbourgoyne said...

Love the pictures!  Great entry.  Proud of you for quitting smoking.  So did I.  Sharing this with the family.  Lynn

slbourgoyne said...

Love the pictures!  Great entry.  Proud of you for quitting smoking.  So did I.  Sharing this with the family.  Lynn

ltcjan said...

Congratualtions, ex-smoker!!  I quit about 21 years ago after Dad died.  It was the hardest thing I did, and I hoped I had quit in time to prevent influencing my children.  Successful x 1 child, not so successful x another child.  You look pretty good for someone in the prime of life!  Hang in ther Sluggo!

childebrand1968 said...

That thing looked heavy!!  Are folks 'allowed' to just drop stuff on the dock for you to clean up?  Guess I should be glad they got it out of the water, though... so that I am :)

Wow~you're the third person I've known to quit smoking this year in J~Land!  It gives me much hope for myself as I promise me to quit every birthday.  This birthday will be the 20th year I've smoked and I'm hoping I've had enough.  I so need to to quit, just have no idea how to deal with my stress!

As far as you weight goes~I can't say anything at all as I'm a fat kitty ;)  And you, dear sir, are nowhere close to me!!  I think you look great, anyway.  Besides, I'm sure a few pounds won't hurt nearly as much as smoking!

Glad you guys got the piling moved and I hope not to run into those midnight debris movers!

Sorry, I can't help on the photography info, but I'm sure some J~Land Photo Genius will be along soon!

Have a great tomorrow, Sam!!


sierrajazz said...

I so enjoy when people include pictures in their journals, and the collage form is an excellent way to share them.  I thank you and appreciate all the hard work you all do to keep the waterways clean. I know I don't take the time to think about that very much, or show my appreciation, and I am surrounded by the many lakes in Florida. I feel bad when I take so many things for granted sometimes.

You look great, but it is always good to try to stay as healthy as possible. If you honestly think you want to lose some weight ( and I beg to differ) then join the   MANY determined weightloss hopefuls here in J-land. We keep each other encouraged and laughing as we all work together to eat better and exercise more, and have someone to complain to when we backslide, cheat, and just want to whine. You can always find a friend for support!!

csandhollow said...

Nice legs!
I Have a Kodak DX 4530 50 mega pixel camera. I usually take my pictures on the 4.0 setting. the pictures I am going toupload I use a photo editting program and resize the picture to make it smaller, in the 250 to 500 pixel range. I use PhotoImpression4  to do the resizing. I then save the picture to a new file. I leave the orginal one the orginal size.

rivercitygirl1 said...

Hi Sam,
Wow!  That was a huge piling somebody left you.  Hey, don't worry about the extra pounds.  You look great!  As for the photography, I'm using a 35 mm.  I haven't upgraded to a digital yet.  Your photo's look great so you're obviously doing something right.  :)

fitzzer said...

Hi Sam - there you are! I've been wondering where you've been. I think we have the same camera, only you obviously know how to use it and I'm not so great at it! I'm so proud of you for quitting smoking. Not an easy thing to do. I've seen my mom try to quit all her life unsuccessfully and I so wish she would. Thx for all your wonderful comments over in my J. I was going to offer to send you some of my famous oatmeal cookies next time I make them, but you seem to be trying to lose a few (why? you look great - love the hat too) and they're definitely not fat free! Who's coming to visit? hint?? ((hugs)) ~ Lori

bosoxblue6993w said...

where i grew up ... one of the most frequent obstacles found in the water was - i'm not kidding - dead bodies.    seems the environmentally-ignorant
Mob was at one time using Boston harbor as a dumping ground.    Now, i'm glad to say, the use the rock quarry

ryanagi said...

You look fine! LOL I think quitting smoking is worth a little extra weight!

indigosunmoon said...

You look great!  And 30 pounds is nothing considering you quit smoking!
I applaud you for that!  You'll have that weight off in no time.
Good luck!!!  I'm cheering you on!

mechants said...

You put on thirty pounds and you're still skinny?! You must have been really skinny to begin with. Man, I wish I could do that.

Great pics, hehe. Maybe there are a pack of scuba-diving ninjas that don't like their water dirty. So they go out in the cover of darkness to clean up the marina. If I can't figure something out, I always blame ninjas.


belfastcowboy75 said...

Obviously some Scotsmen came by, practicing marine caber tossing. I came down to my dock one morning and found a Waverunner, on the dock, blocking the dockhouse door.

delela1 said...

Sam, I shoot at full 4.0 mega-pixel, since I really don't always know which photos will go in my journal.   Using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9, I resize the journal pics to a resolution of 72 pixels/inch, dimension of 480 pixels x 360 pixels or smaller.  Net effect:  original photo 1.37 mega-bytes, resized to 49 kilo bytes or less.  I hesitate to go smaller (but probably should) because I don't want to lose the detail in some photos.

Congrats to a fellow quitter!!!!  Yeah!  Keep it up.  Maybe we can rely on each other as a resource/shoulder to stay on the path to success!

And, yes it would appear some Scotsmen were having a bit of a caber toss, although as cabers go, that one is very short.

PS I do hope this shuttle mission has a very Happy Ending.

mutualaide said...

You tease, you.  You've been hanging out with Judi a little too long, I think!  Love the pics, however you place them in your journal and I don't know enough to comment on size, etc, Heck.  I can't even get mine into the FTP space.  LOL.  Your pictures are always good and I personally like the collage format.

Nice legs you got there guy --- and I don't see any extra 30 pounds hanging around.

cyndygee said...

You have such a terrific journal and it looks like many J-landers agree.

That ending was cryptic!

The photos are great!  A picture is worth a thousand words at trying to explain actions taken.

I think everyone gains when they stop.  Better to have the work of losing a few pounds than to continue to poison yourself.  GOOD FOR YOU FOR QUITTING!!!  

onestrangecat said...

Great photos!
Thanks for dropping by my place.


ksquester said...

Sam, Pixels' smixels...........YOU my dear, have GREAT lookin' legs and it's NOT just the wine talkin' either.  Anne