Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summertime, and the living is EASY???

Hello again, my friends.  Summer is over and it’s time to either shut this journal down or rev it up again.  I’ve decided to rev it up again.  This may turn out to be my only link to a semblance of sanity for the coming winter.  I’ll explain that statement in a little while.

I’m not going to recount the entire summer in one entry.  I’ll touch on the high points and then revisit some of them in subsequent entries in more detail.  We did get to Disney World and had a great time.  I did go to my Sister’s birthday party just outside of New Orleans in Slidell, Louisiana.   They finally completed rebuilding their home three years after Katrina and had moved back in.  What a great job they did with the place.  It looked beautiful.  I got out of Slidell a few days before Gustav took aim on the area and Jan and Dave had to evacuate once again.  This time the damage was so slight it’s not worth mentioning.  I’m glad; no one realizes how stressful that whole process has to be for the ones who went through Katrina.  Glad you guys made it through okay this time, Jan!

I put a lot of energy into this summer.  As most of you know we had Trenton, my nine year old grandson, stay with us for the summer.  So, out came the bicycles, we joined the community pool, and we took him to Disney World, MGM Studios, and Universal Studios Theme Park.



I had been worried about Trenton learning how to swim as the summer began.  It turns out he learned how to swim like a fish and was diving off the high dive in short order.  Before the summer was through, he could do flips off the diving board.  They even asked him to join the swimming team.  So, mission accomplished … Trenton learned how to swim.



When the summer was over, I was feeling pretty good.  We got through it in one piece, although I gained all my weight back.  Trenton left us to return to Michigan with a ton of lifetime type memories and quite a haul of toys and videos we spoiled him with.  Time to lay back and recoup … you know, return to the peaceful routine we have all grown accustom to in this household.

Then it came time for me to fly to my sister’s in Slidell.  It was less than ten days since Trenton had left.  My flight was very inexpensive, but was at an unbelievably early hour in the morning.  I was to get up at Three Thirty A.M. to get ready.  The phone rang at Three A.M. that morning.  Not good!

Trace, Trenton’s father in Michigan, had been missing for over twenty four hours.  It was his fiancé letting us know that she had reported him to the police as a missing person and that Trenton had been left alone in the house for the duration with no adult supervision.  I had to really think about whether to get on that plane that morning or stay with a badly shaken Paulette.  She insisted I get on the plane.

Much later that day riding from the airport to my sister’s house, I learned Trace had finally turned up.  He claims it was a gambling jag at a casino, but we will never know if drugs were also involved.  Paulette was going to call me again when she had more information.

To make a long story short, DEFAX, (family services), in Michigan began searching for Trenton and were going to place him in a foster care situation until they could evaluate whether to let him live with his father again or not.  Paulette used the emergency credit card and that Sunday morning, while I was still in Slidell, Trenton arrived back in Savannah.

Georgia recently enacted a Grandparent’s Emergency Custody Act.  Because of this new act, we were able to cut through a lot of red tape and get him enrolled in fourth grade within a matter of a couple of days.  He has just completed the first full week of the school year and likes his teacher and the school.

During the summer Trenton slept on the couch in the Living Room because we had set up a big TV and DVD player in a wall unit in that room.  Now that he was going to be with us the entire school year, he would need his own room.  Immediately upon my arrival back in Savannah, I started shopping for a twin bed and changed around some wall units and moved the TV and DVD player and wall unit into what had been our computer room/office.  We moved furniture out and moved furniture in.  The net result is that Trenton has his own room now.   I’m exhausted.  We are all exhausted.  It is no accident that humans bear their children when they are young and have the energy for it.

But, we are a family and we take care of our own.  We come together in emergencies and provide what we must to get through it as a family. 

I now get up at 4:30 A.M. in order to get ready and not be tripping over both Paulette and Trenton as they prepare for their day at the time I USED to get up and get ready.  That means that I now fall asleep at night between 8:30 and 9:00PM.  Honest… it just doesn’t seem real, but that is what’s going on in my world.  Not complaining, mind you, just letting my friends and family catch up with this old Dock Master and the ever changing circumstances that life tosses my way.

I’m back, but making the rounds very slowly.  Bear with me; I haven’t turned any alerts back on yet.  I plan to do that gradually over the next couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, I’m getting used to a parenting role that is so unexpected, but so very necessary.  Paulette and I are exhausted at the end of every day now, but we are holding our own, hanging tight, and will make it through all of this. 

I send my thanks to all of my family in Louisiana that has been sending so much love and emotional support our way.  My thanks to all of you, my friends, for wading through this long post and for all the emotional support I know in advance you will lend.  That’s just the way J-Land is and I’m so very glad to be back with you all.




salemslot9 said...

welcome back, Sam!

jevanslink said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your summer. Welcome back.

Mrs. L

mariebm56 said...

Trenton is in good hands, always was...I remember a few years ago you had him & it was difficult to let him go.  I know how much you love him & want the best for him.  He is lucky to have such loving & caring grandparents.  

I am so glad you are BACK!!!  We missed you!
We are starting up the Photo Challenge, with a new format, so check it out.  Hopefully you will play along, when you get a chance.
Welcome back, my friend!


rollinghillsides said...

Thank God Trenton has his Grandma and Grandpa to take over his care at this time.  I understand your tiredness, believe me.  Going on '70' here, and still have a 23 yr old granddaughter living with us (85% of her life, I'd guess) who just started back to college.  So happy to see an entry from you .. take good care!   Judy, in CT

nightmaremom said...

Welcome back my friend....   your summer sounds like a years worth of activities.. glad you had so much fun and looking forward to the bits and pieces of details and photo's.  Trenton has grown up so much... and he is in good hands.  I am thrilled you and Paulette have the means to lend that helping hand...  I know he'll be happy with you.  I also know that no matter how exhausted the both of you are you are thrilled he is there.   I'll be sending some extra strength and energy your way.

childebrand1968 said...

Hello to my favorite dock master and friend!

Well, I guess the bottom line is Trenton is in great hands.  In my book, that's all that matters- a nice, stable place to live with a loving family.  My prayers are with Trace, as I know his struggles.  I hope it was only gambling, but my instincts doubt that would keep him out for 24 hours straight... and I'm hoping he has not replaced one bad habit with another.

Trenton is getting to the age where he is very impressinable and looking for a place to fit in... he is better off being with you and Paulette during this time.  I hope he is adjusting to life back in Savannah, as I'm sure he understands what is going on to an extent.

I haven't been around much either this summer.  I was appointed clerk-treasurer pro tempore of my hometown last month, when the other person suddenly resigned her elected position.  I'm playing catch-up as she was not a well organized person and my office is in complete disarray.  I'm even having to work on an old (ancient) Gateway 286!  Its not even internet compatible--that should give you a clue as to how far behind my little town was being managed.  But, its a challenge and I'm loving it.

I'm also still in school full time, with about one year left.  I went part time at the daycare, too.  My darling daughter is now almost 7 and in first grade.  So, I get having stuff piled on your plate... and know that exhausted feeling well :)

Doesn't leave much time for enjoying the little things, like journaling and chatting with my friends here, but...well... there are some people I will make time for and you are among my favs!  

I wish you guys all the best.  I'm happy that Gustav gave the coastal region a break.  Did Hanna miss you guys?  I know it was hitting the Carolinas.  Let's hope Ike does a reverse course, too.  Hang in there, do the best you can, and please keep in t

childebrand1968 said...

AOL cut my comment off!

I was saying to keep in touch as often as possible.  And I wish you guys the best :)

Hugs and kisses  :)


lsfp1960 said...

It seems like the way for Trenton to be part of your household started when he came to you for the summer. How wonderful that he's in a stable home environment.  You had a busy summer indeed!  Glad to have you back.  Linda in Washington state  

sieblonde said...

God bless you both for being there and willing to be there for him.   I didn't know about the Grandparents Act.  Wow the gov actually  did something worthwile?  amazing.  You said Trenton was going to be with you the whole school year?  God bless you all.  ~Sie

motoxmom72 said...

Wow.  Busy summer.  I am so glad you and Paulette are there for Trenton.  Catch up when you can!!!


memes121 said...

Good to hear from you again friend. The good Lord is with you all and will see you through. Trenton is very lucky to have you both. You are all in my prayers. Now rest! Tammy

jlocorriere05 said...

Firstly, I'm glad that you had fun with Trenton in the summer and that Jans' house stood up to Gustav ~ that must have been a relief to all of you. I'm so sorry that Trace has let Trenton down by disappearing. Thank God he has you to look after him. After having met you and Paulette I know that you're two very wonderful caring people and you'll give Trenton the very best care though it's going to be hard for you to reorganise your already busy schedule. I know that with your faith behind you you'll just get on and do what you have to do to bring some stability into Trentons' young life.. I told Andy what had happened and he sends his very best wishes to you and Paulette. Give Trenton a big well done from me for learning how to swim and dive so quickly, I'm happy he likes his new school too! Hugs, Jeannette xx  

jeroldssis said...

It's so good to hear from you.  You've had a heck of a summer it sounds like, but a lot of good has come from it, too, I can tell.  You and Paulette have such HUGE hearts and so much love to give.  You are on the right path even though I know it's exhausting.  
My summer had drama as well as we almost lost our 8 yr. old son to a severe allergic reaction ( but all is better now.  I also have a new blog home and you can now find it here:
It was great to hear from you!  Take lots of pictures of Trenton and keep sharing!  Have a great day.


justplainbill said...

Sam, good to hear from you. You are a strong man with a great wife and can handle anything that comes your way. JKeep the faith, BIll

jeroldssis said...

Uh Oh!  I left the WRONG link to my new blog:


That one will take you to the right place.  LOL

ksquester said...

It is so good to read you again.  You certainly have had a great summer. Trent looks so very happy, especially when he was swimming.  I know what it is like to take on grandkids. The peace of mind it gives you is good but your energy level is gone. Keep on posting Sam............I've missed you. Give my best to Paulette.  Anne

mutualaide said...

And we are so very, very glad you've come back to 'rev up this journal'.  Okay, rev might be strong terminology, because you are so very busy now with Trenton in your lives ... but it is a good busy and no one will complain if you bop in and out to keep us posted and to get your virtual hugs and support.

Thinking of you always with good thoughts and prayers.

sdoscher458 said...

Sam you and your wife are blessed, to be a position to take care of your grandson and because I know your strength of character he will be raised right. It brought tears to my eyes reading your words, it is harder when you are older but the love never diminishes. Not knowing the whole story, but I figure the kid's has been through a lot, thank God you are there for him. Building a strong foundation for him is so important..take care, love, Sandi

fasttrack58 said...

What a great summer you had with your grandson!!!
and now....
Happy Back to School with your grandson!
Special thoughts for Trenton and you...
Linda :)

tpiez4me said...

What a great summer "vacation" Trenton had.....I know you and the misses loved having him with you.  Too bad about his situation with the Dad.  I know that's not easy.  At least GA was able to allow you a quick remedy.  T will probably enjoy the winter a lot better in GA - as for the Dad...hmmmm I hope help is on its way.
Hugs from a dry NC

coloneljan said...

Trent is so lucky to have you and Paulette as grandparents.  He will grow up loved and secure in the knowledge that he has several homes.  We had a great birthday in Slidell and a wonderful reunion.  Thanks for the kind words about the house.  Katrina taught me that people form the basis of importance for us not "stuff."  Gustav threatened to bend us but he could not have broken us.  I have said for years that it is no accident that God made the young fertile!  You are truly a parent now, and so have to learn to rest and regroup when you can. Remember that swimming makes kids tired--the swim team could be a great idea!

gen0507 said...

Hello there!  I discovered your journal earlier in the summer.  You had already taken your break ~ so I set an alert for when you started back.  So welcome back!!!  My name is Hollie, & I love Savannah.  We vacation at Tybee ever few years.  I'm looking forward to many more entries, & getting to know you better.


bvaneps834 said...

so glad you are back---hope you can keep trenton permanently and have legal custody of him. he needs you so much. sorry about the son--hope he gets help too, but the boy belongs with you--barb

indigosunmoon said...

So good to hear from you! You've been missed!

lilysparadise said...

Welcome back. Sam! From the looks of your pictures, you sure had a very busy summer, and a very happy Grandson. Hope your son gets his life straightened around and I'm glad that you have taken Trenton under your caring wings. (((HUGS))) to your family, too.
Sincerely, Rose~*

ally123130585918 said...

Sam it was so good to see an entry from you ~ glad you have decided to Rev your journal up again ~ Happy that you had such a good time in Disney Land and that you enjoyed your Sister's Birthday Party ~ Loved the pictures of Trentron and Paulette ~ he is just so lucky to have you both as his Grandparents I know he will be safe with you ~ and I just hope his Father gets some help so Trenton will be able to go back and live with him ~ but I know that will not happen unless you are both certain everything is OK with him ~ Ally x

sunnybethe said...

How great you are!  What a lucky little guy he is to have a Grandpa like you.  Thank goodness you were able to step in.  Looks like he'll be able to joing the Y swim and diving team after all.  Glad to see you back my friend.  hugs,  Bethe

mosie1944 said...

Thanks for letting us know what's going on in your world.  Good luck with the grandson.

mleppard06 said...

it's good to hear from you again sam. busy summer you have had with lots of ups and downs. you sound in good spirits though. good luck with your grandson, it sounds like you will all do just fine. your a good person to help not everyone does. take care see you round j-land. mrs t x

pharmolo said...

Hope Hanna didn't put another spanner in the works down your way, Sam. Enjoy Trenton while he's this age, I've heard it gets harder the older they get ;-)

frankandmary said...

No wonder this entry has "exhausted" on it.
NO it does not sound like you are complaining at all.  Every Trenton should have  someone like you, but they don't.  This role might be unexpected, but I bet you'll shine. ~Mary

gravydogg55 said...


    GOT HOME IN NOVEMBER 1945.       sam

helmswondermom said...

Glad to see you back!
Trenton is very fortunate to have grandparents like you guys.  He's a handsome young man and looks like a good kid.  I hope that all goes well with him and you and your wife.  Take care, and hope to see more entries from you soon!

lurkynat said...

great entry Sam!
Big Congrats with your grandson, with his swimming!
I bet Disneyland was awesome!
great entry! great pics!

jjdolfin9 said...

I just realized you were back when I visited Donna's site and found out you were the mystery blogger.  What a summer you had my friend.  My grandchildren wear me out just running in and out (they live a few doors down) and I can only imagine what it would be like to have one living with me.  God bless you and I will keep you and your wife and Trenton in my prayers.
Hugs and welcome back, Joyce

dbp2000 said...

This is my first visit to your journal (thanks to the Mystery Blogger game) and I will be back.  God bless you and Paulette as you have opened your home to Trenton. He is very lucky to have you as grandparents.  Stay strong!


preciousone25 said...

Sam, I think this is my first time at your journal... I found you through Donna's Mystery Blogger (GREAT PIC, BTW!!  = ).  My parents were also the primary caregivers of my niece, my sister's daughter, from the time she was 7 'til just a few months ago when she turned 18, so I know what you're doing is a hard thing, but when it's the only way, you find the strength needed to get through it.  I wish you all the best... just thank God that Trenton's in fourth grade, and not in diapers!!  = )

Take Care,

luvrte66 said...

Coming to you via Donna's Mystery Blogger entry!

I enjoyed the story of your summer--life certainly has a way of throwing the unexpected at us, doesn't it? I'll look forward to reading more of your adventures!

All my best,

buckoclown said...

My first visit Sam, via Donna and Mystery Blogger.  Sounds like a full summer :o)

slapinions said...

What an amazing tale. Good luck with your Grandson and I hope everything works out.

Looking forward to your 'revving up' your journal again.


firestormkids04 said...

Hi Sam.  I'm new to your journal; popped over from Mystery Blogger to read.  What an experience for you!  I am happy that you and your wife are able to care for your grandson.  I know how very tiring it can be.  I wish you rejuvenation and energy from your beloved Trenton. My husband and I cared for up to 30 children at a time until 4 years ago.  We loved our time there, but we had to retire.  They began to take more energy from us than they had given us for so long.  Blessings, Penny

stupidsheetguy said...

I've been making my slow return to J-Land myself, and I made this one of my first stops. I'm so glad to find you back on board.

You seem to handle controversy and challenges so well. I'm never surprised to see you doing the right thing, time and time again. I'm just glad that, in between time, you still manage to find a little time to say hello to the Crew here.

Good to see you, Sam. Glad things are, if not normally, at least they're still going!


my3gifts said...

Sam, I've been in the states and had my alerts off so now that we're all settled back home in Germany I'm catching up and wow has your daily life been turned upside down and inside out! I'm praying for all 3 of you as you venture into a whole new territory of life (again). It's so obvious how loved Trenton is and he's truly blessed.

God Bless

jmorancoyle said...

Hi Sam:
    Been a while. I'm so happy for Trenton and for you. I don't think you could live with yourselves if not acting as instinctively as you have. Trenton is very lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. You three will be good for each other.
    BTW, saw your photo over at Donna's. Never would have guessed that was you even if I had a month to stare at the photo. God, what a depressing time. We had such awful taste, and we liked it!

donejustwrite said...

I am so behind in reading alerts, but Sam, yours were first!  I didn't read in order but I caught on quick that Trenton was back "home," and now that I've read this entry I am, like, grinning from ear to ear!  So sorry about Trace BUT Trenton is HOME!!!  I'm snickering over your exhaustion, re-arranged home & "back to work" schedule because it's all worth it, isn't it?  TRENTON IS HOME!!!

So looking forward to future entries and hearing your wonderful "I'm a Granddad" stories.  What a wonderful return to J-land for me!  :)