Tuesday, September 5, 2006


I have a story I want to share with you about a film commercial that I was a part of years ago.  I have yet to find the pictures of that shoot, but in my search for them today, I found some of Paulette and I that were taken in 1989 during the period of our courtship.


I believe the pictures that I was searching for are now living in a box in our storage unit.  That storage unit is a ten or fifteen minute drive from here.  That’s a drive that I don’t want to make today so I decided to show you these pictures instead.  After all, these pictures live in a picture envelope that is stuffed in a drawer and are serving no purpose at all to anyone.  So, I wiped the dust off of them, popped them onto my scanner and I offer them up to you now as a glimpse into a period of our family history right about the time we were deciding to become a family.


This first shot is of me standing on the deck of the Halcyon sipping a drink as the sun falls over the yardarm.  Not that there ever was a yardarm on the Halcyon, but it’s a nautical phrase and it sounds kind of neat to say.



This next shot is of me holding up a grouper that Jack Cosgrove and I caught while trolling in the Tampa Bay ship’s channel on the Halcyon.  One of my very first entries in this journal was of that fishing trip with Jack, but the picture I used in that post showed Jack holding the fish.  To be fair, Jack hooked the fish.  By the time I got the boat into neutral and got down from the upper steering station to join Jack on the deck, Jack thought the fish had gotten off the line.  He handed the rod to me and I started reeling it in.  I, too, thought there was no fish on until the fish was reeled in close enough to see the boat.  Suddenly the rod doubled as the fish strained to get away.  Jack and I stood our ground and finally got the fish over the rails and onto the boat.



This next shot is of me holding up an eight and a half pound lobster that I caught while scuba diving with my pal, Ken Kelly.  We were about twelve miles off of Clearwater Beach diving from my twenty foot Wellcraft named Reel To Reel.  I stumbled across some pictures of the Reel To Reel today and may post one in a later entry for y’all to see.  This lobster took me three full meals to eat.  Lobster is my favorite meal right behind a good steak.  I had a big appetite even back then, so you know that this was a huge lobster.



The next two pictures are of Paulette and I as we were leaving the marina to attend a Christmas party in Tampa, Florida about a thirty minute drive north from where we kept the Halcyon docked.  It’s hard to believe we were so young.  It’s even harder to accept that we are no longer young like that, LOL!  Oh well, we are still young in our hearts and spirits and that is what matters, I guess.




Although Paulette and I were not married yet when I purchased the Halcyon, we were seriously dating and Paulette was very involved with me in the selection process.  Our lives centered on boating back then and we seized every opportunity we could to enjoy the Halcyon.  There was a little island in Tampa Bay near the shipping channel that had a perfect little cove on the protected side of it.  This little cove was perfect to anchor the Halcyon in.  We would pull up on Friday evening and drop anchor and not leave until mid day on Sunday.  Since the Halcyon had a generator, we had all the comforts of home right there at the island for the whole weekend.  This shot is of Paulette and I on the top deck of the Halcyon with the Island in the background as we motored home.  I’m sitting at the upper steering station and Paulette is right behind me sitting in a deck chair enjoying the breeze, the view and the taste of salt in the air.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the past with me.  I do think these photos look a lot better on here than tucked away in that drawer.  I found some pictures of film and video shoots I was on during my search through the family archives so I may show some of them soon.  Unfortunately they were not the shoot I wanted to write about today.  I’ll go to my storage unit in the next week or two and try and find the pictures I originally wanted to use today, as well.


In other news, everyone made it through the holiday weekend in one piece here.  We are still experiencing weather in the low to mid nineties and 100% humidity.  Science tells us that cooler weather is on the horizon, but it would be hard to prove to us right now.   As for me, well, I had the day off today and I stayed in the blissful air conditioning all day long.  It was a good day.  I got in a little guitar playing, took a short nap, and threw this post together.  It’s been fun, but I have some serious loafing to accomplish to finish out the day.  See you next time!




piperacharmed1 said...

I loved this entry...I just enjoy seeing glimpses of people's pasts. The nosy in me I guess...lol. Good looking couple you two are   : )   I can't wait to show my son that fish pic...he is going to be veryyy jealous...lol. It has been cool here in Ohio since Friday....we couldn't even go to the pool one last time  : (
Have a great week!!


memes121 said...

Great photos Sam! Can't wait till next time! Alerts are down so if you don't get many comments you'll know why. I got lucky and am getting a few. Glad one was yours! Tammy

coloneljan said...

Awesome pictures--I remember those days!!  The Halcyon was a great boat.  Ours is in the water, has been started, runs, and is a couple of weeks away(I've said that a few times in the last year) from coming back to us.  I look forward to just one part of our lives being done!!!  We have walls at home but no windows yet--next week maybe.

tendernoggle said...

I so loved this entry!!! Thos epictures were so clear! Hope you get the otheres in here soon! Man, Danny would have loved to go fishing with you!!! That was a huge fish and that lobster made me drool!!! I love lobster tails!
take care,

ksquester said...

You and Paulette look great and I suspect you still do. With aging, there comes a certain amount of acceptance and grace.  You both still have "it"..........and BTW. Happy Anniversary Sam and Paulette.  OH, did you eat that big fish and lobster?  Makes me wish for fish tonight.    Anne

madcobug said...

Very interesting entry Sam. Those pictures are great and some good memories for you both. The coloring on the grouper is similiar to the markings on the black crappie we have here. That was a giant of a lobster. I have never tasted a lobster. Thanks for coming by my journal and leaving a comment. Have a good night! Helen

pharmolo said...

Great entry, Sam, quite enjoyed joining you on this road to yesteryear. Hope it does cool down for you soon - watch out for Florence!

coy1234787 said...

Well you both looked great on your way to that Christmas party, and ... you're still young. Maybe not quite as young as you were back then, but younger than you will be tomorrow.

Wow!!! the lobster looks yummy and yep, I knew it ... great legs even way back then;)

Thanks for sharing your memories with us Sam.

                                        *** Coy ***

ajoleblon said...

Sam I truly enjoyed looking back with you.  Pictures are such a great way to share yesterdays and it gives us journal readers a means of knowing you even back when....  Thank you!

nightmaremom said...

Awesome Sam!!  You are both beautiful... thanks for sharing!!!  I can see why Paulette grabbed your heart... and you hers.  Can't wait for more trips down memory lane.

fchgrl said...

I loved this trip down memory lane! I can't even imagine the fun of having a private cove......how romantic!  That lucky woman! LOL
Pictures are great as always


slbourgoyne said...

Those pictures really take me back.  Always did think you were my handsomest cousin.  Halcyon was a great boat.  I'm trying to find some pictures to copy for Jan that I know I have, but can't put my hands on, so I know how that is.  Love you, Lynn

libragem007 said...

Wonderful pics! You two are very goodlooking!
Thanks for sharing the pics.
Gem :-)

mavarin said...

Thanks for pulling these out and scanning them, Sam!  It'sgreat to see andread about a special part of your history (and Paulette's!). - Karen

ally123130585918 said...

Loved your photographs Sam ~ you and Paulette make a lovely couple ~ that was some fish you and Jack caught between you ~ and that Lobster is huge not surprised it took you so long to eat it ~ the one of you and Paulette going off to a Christmas party is great ~ loved the thought of you having your own little Island and cove they sound like lovely Halcyon days (lovely name for your boat means "Time of happiness and Peace") Thanks for sharing the pictures Sam ~ they are lovely look forward to seeing some more ~ (several of us are not getting any alerts) just strolled through my sidebar and found you had posted ~ Ally

mutualaide said...

Nice entry Sam and with so much to comment on, I could do my own!  Thanks for sharing the pictures ... enjoyed our walk down your memory lane.

debbiewebb4465 said...

Sam, I love the pictures!! You and Paulette make a lovely couple :-) I love fishing, my biggest is a 16lb mirror carp ~ the grouper you "caught" is HUGE, do you know it's weight? I couldn't see the picture of the lobster for some reason, but I love to eat it too, it's very expensive over here, so only as a treat! I wish so much I could go sea fishing, but me and boats just do not get on unfortunately :-( Thanks for sharing, lovely :-)
Take care and hugs Debbie ~xxx~

hummingbirdmind said...

Sam!  Love the pics, especially the one of the lobster. Reminds me of a picture I have around here of my ex holding up two large lobsters that some friends of our snorkeled out of a coral reef near Cat Island in the Bahamas.  On either side of him and the lobsters stood my oldest daughter and our friends' oldest son, who were almost four at the time. The lobsters were as big as the two kids.  

As for the pics of you and Paulette... beautiful.  Was 1989 that long ago? Seems like yesterday, don't you think?

ryanagi said...

Mmm lobster! LOL

wfhbear said...

Thanks for the pictures, Keep putting them up as you find them. I really like grouper. It is probably my favorite fish to eat but, I found them a lot like catching an anvil. They never fought much for me, just seemed to come along for the ride. Have a good weekend. Regards, Bill.

salemslot9 said...

I'm one of the unfortunate few
that has never "gone fishing"
sad...but true
let me know if you ever decide
to give lessons :)

delela1 said...

Now that's a good looking couple.  I agree, the photos look much better posted to the journal than tucked away in a box somewhere.  Young at heart...absolutely...age is just a number.


childebrand1968 said...

I do believe this is the first time I've seen Paulette!  She's gorgeous :)

Jealous of the time you spend boating... but that's the downfall of being born in the midwest... not much in the way of big water my way.  Well, unless I want to drive up to Lake Michigan... and buy a boat ;)

Even though its not the story you wanted to share... I loved it!  Looking forward to more!

Glad you had a peaceful day off :)


barbpinion said...

Hi Sam. My goodness but it's been a long time since I've visited here. I've missed your entries so much. It's going to be fun getting caught up. I'm still on a break but just visiting a few journals today; yours being one of the first. Love the pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share them.
Hugs, love & prayers
Barb- http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

stupidsheetguy said...

Well, thanks for a fine walk down memory lane today. It sure is nice to share some of the stories you experienced, to help see how you've become the person you are today.

I have a few boating memories of my own, and this brought them back for a little while to me. I know I'm a little late for the party today, but I sure hope you got to do some loafing!


bvaneps834 said...


my3gifts said...

I could have swore I had you on alerts and yet I never got this alert! The pictures are great. Thank you Sam for sharing pieces of your history!

God Bless


leanntepoorten said...

I have to laugh, Pat would kill me if I shared photos from our past...he had a mullet! Our kids pick on him endlessly about it.

Him and I went to Sanibel Island WAY back in 1989 for one last hurrah before our first daughter made her appearance. I was about 3 months pregnant at the time. But there was one thing I was deteremined to do...go deep sea fishing.

To make a long story short, I spent most of my time in the wee bathroom of the boat heaving my guts out. Sea sickness was part of it but when they showed me the squid I would have to use as bait, that pretty much ended my adventure. LOL

One very memorable thing though was the dolphins that jumped in the wake of the boat and towards the nose on our way out to the fishing spot.

Memories are best made with those we love, thanks for sharing Sam, this was great to read. Oh, btw, that lobster? Funny, you and Pat have MUCH in common...steak, lobster, guitar...He would have been more than happy to share that with you, LOL.