Monday, August 21, 2006

It's Been Awhile!

Hello to all again!  I’ve taken a bit of a break from this journal during the summer as the demands on my time and energy in the real world left me drained at the end of each day.  In addition, there was a lot going on emotionally that took a toll.  Don’t worry; Paulette, Sandy, and I are okay as well as the kitty, Emmie, and our newest addition, Emmie’s new kitty pal, Gracie.  I'll write more about the new addition at a later time.

Right now I’d like to take a moment to thank all who wrote comments and Emails expressing concern over my absence.  Thank you, my friends, for your concern and the support you give to me and all of our J-Land community. 

This brings me to a big: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY J-LAND!  Yes, we celebrated J-Land’s third anniversary this weekend.  There were numerous celebration events including a huge J-Land chat session last night that I was lucky enough to take part in.  It’s always a good time when all the journalists get together!

The graphics that you see here and on the sidebar were provided by Donna over at D’s Designs.  She really did a great job this year providing celebration graphics for all of us to use and enjoy.  Thanks, Donna!

Journals Editor Joe provided the Three Year Graphic on the side bar.  If you've not found your way to Magic Smoke, you owe it to yourself to pay him a visit. 

Many of you wrote to me asking if we had heard from Trenton and his parents.  There is not much good news to share.  Trace and Danielle have split up and moved to different states.  Danielle is back in Reno, Nevada and Trace is working in Arizona. 

Trenton is with Danielle and she refuses to let Trenton come and live with us until she gets back on her feet.  She is filing for divorce and welfare at the same time.

Trace is doing well for his company in Arizona and is trying to live a drug free lifestyle.  He sounds good and we have great hopes for his future.

We talk to Trenton on the phone twice a week now and he sounds as good as a youngster can considering his parents are not living together.  He has been promised by his mom that he can come visit us for a few weeks next summer.  We hope she does not change her mind.

As for Paulette and I, it’s out of our hands now.  We just want to be loving grandparents and be kept out of the back and forth accusations and blame game that seems to always play out in these situations.  The kids finally seem to realize what we are saying and we are now being spared the day to day drama.

As for me, life goes on.  I’m still at the marina and taking care of things.  It’s been particularly challenging this summer because I’ve gone the entire season without an assistant.  I’ve had high school and college kids helping me, but I’ve had to do so much more than normal due to the lack of another adult on the staff.

We finally hired an assistant for me and he started a week ago.  He’s a fast learner, thank goodness, and is going to work out very well.  Things will settle back into a routine I’m more comfortable with now and I can devote more time and energy into keeping up with my J-Land friends and writing in this journal.

Lest I forget, let me wish my sister, Jan, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS!  Jan is a Colonel in the Army Reserves and is on active duty at Ft. Polk, Louisiana.  We love you and are thinking about you and all of our troops on active duty!

I’ve still been taking pictures from time to time, so I’ve got some things from this summer to write about and share in future posts.  I hope you have all been well and in good spirits. 

I’ll be going around to all my favorite journals in the coming days and weeks to catch up again on the news and share a little gossip.  Save me a seat on the back porch and we’ll share a cup of coffee or a spot of tea, as well.





purplehazebarn said...

Sam:  So good to hear from you once again, and get caught up with your very busy life.  Hope now that you have good help at the marina, we will get to visit with you a little more often.  Will be praying that Trenton spends some time with you next summer, if not before.  Take care, LaVern

jeadie05 said...

AWww so lovely to hear from you again ,I assumed you had a busy summer ,pleased you have now got a new assistant ,and now  hopefully leave you enter more often ,still play your horizion sp!! game when I go on my loooong bus rides into town so pleased Paula is well and that you get twice weekly phone calls from Trenton ..used to enjoy your comments on my journal .Your Jan is beautiful Happy Birthday to her ......Jan xx

robinngabster said...

So glad you are back...have missed you...worried about you...and just hoped you were taking a break.

Thank you for the "dance" last night!   Was so much fun seeing you again and knowing all was well with you.

Keeping Trenton and his parents in my prayers. Looking forward to seeing more of you here in this journal!


rollinghillsides said...

Hi Sam, well it surely made my day to see your alert pop up!  Been missing your always newsy stories, it's been a long time!  Glad you and Paulette are healthy, even though you've had a busier than usual summer.  Cooler weather and more peaceful times are on the way, so enjoy!  Judy in CT

my3gifts said...

Sam it's so great to see you writing again, you have been missed.  I will be in prayer for your family, especially Trenton.

God Bless

memes121 said...

Hey Sam! Sorry I couldn't stay longer last night but I am so glad to see your alert in my inbox today! Glad you are well. Sorry everything isn't going like you want but, I know that with faith, things usually work out in the end. You all are in my prayers! Tammy

mosie1944 said...

Welcome back!

salemslot9 said...

on your graphic there is a turntable
do you have albums?
I have a turntable on my stereo
I have some albums, too
have a great day, Sam!

ksquester said...

Sam, It's so good to hear from you again.  I do hope that Trace does well in AZ. Remember I have lots of contacts in AZ.....(recovery people)  I also hope that Trenton will be a strong survivor.   Stop on by sometime, I'll leave the light on for ya! Coffee pot is always on.   Anne

labdancer51 said...

Hi Sam,

It`s lovely to hear from you again.  I`m glad you are all well, though I`m sorry to hear about Trace and Dannielle splitting up, it must be very hard on Trenton. I do hope he comes to stay with you very soon.  A very Happy Birthday to your sister, she looks so smart in her uniform.  Take care. :o)

Sandra xx

justplainbill said...

Sam, so good to have you back. How can you stand the cats. You are a good grandfather and Tenton will know that.
Good luck to you and lets see those pictures.

justplainbill said...

Jan, happy birthday, you are lovely. Thanks for your service. Bill

pharmolo said...

Hi Sam,
We had a bit of a chat last night during the Anniversary Chat, and I think you had a great time, like most there. Just had a read on the much-requested update and hope everything continues to go well for you and your family

Best wishes,

PS: I live along the seafront in the small port of Stornoway, Scotland. See plenty of boats coming and going - read the journal!

piperacharmed1 said...

Nice to see you back. I have missed your beautiful water pics. Love the...uhh, sunrise???  LOL...not really sure which it is. Sorry to hear about your son's situation...but maybe this is for the best for him to stay on the right path. I hope Trenton doesn't suffer any from all of this. Any chance your son could gain custody due to her having to go on welfare to survive? Or maybe the court giving you and your wife custody until she is settled. I just hate to see Trenton not have a stable life while they get settled. And I am rambling, sorry....again, good to see you back!


pixiedustnme said...

Glad you popped in, I took a little break myself - but in my absence.....well, my life didn't change as much as yours!  My goodness life has kept you hopping :-) -Kelly

mutualaide said...

So glad you've posted Sam and welcome back from your busy summer without enough help and well, a busy life!  

ondinemonet said...

Hi Sam :)

It was good to see you at the celebration last night! :) Welcome back. You were missed so much. Here's to the future. Happy Birthday Jan, what a nice looking lady! I hope your day is perfect!

Always, Carly

jlocorriere05 said...

It's so good to see you back Sam! I've been to your journal often to see if you've posted and not given out an alert. I'm sorry about Trenton and his parents. It's not an ideal situation to grow up in but hopefully with you in the background offering support when needed he'll come through this. I'm glad Trace is doing well. Your sister looks so good in her uniform! Happy birthday to her! I'll look forward to hearing all about Gracie and seeing some photos too! Jeannette xx  

childebrand1968 said...

Sorry I missed the chat!  Especially since you were there :)  And sorry again about Trenton.  I only hope that his mother will change her ways, or see what is in his best interest...  But, Trenton will be old enough one day to decide for himself...

In the meantime, my prayers are with him and his Mom... and my hopes that his Dad keeps continuing his recovery  :)

I'm most happy you finally got an Assistant!  It truly is about time... and I'm sure no one knows that better than you!

Happy Birthday to your Sister~ that's quite a career she has :)

Glad you're going to be around more often.  Thanks for stopping by~you made my day!

Take care and love to you both....


mavarin said...

Hi, Sam!  It's good to read an entry by you after so long.  I'm sorry the news isn't better, but it sounds as though you're all hangin' in as best you can.  I'm especially glad the new assistant is working out.

Write when you can.  I'll be reading....


rap4143 said...

Sam it was nice hearing from you and seeing you at the chat last night :).

astaryth said...

Good to see you back! You've been missed! I too have been out of the journaling circuit... mostly because of moving and getting settled and all. I sit down, but nothing comes out <LOL> Like you I'm hoping that with fall things settle down and I can reinvolve myself.... Just keeping up with the reading of everyone -elses- journals is a feat in itself <g>

nightmaremom said...

sure as hell been too long!  Nice to see you back!  I only turned a light shade of purple!!   Glad all is ok and will keep the little guy in good thoughts.  Just hope it isnt another 6 months hearing from you :)~

slbourgoyne said...

Great to see you back!  I've missed you.  Loved seeing Jan's picture.  Thanks for the reminder of her birthday.  Love to all.  Lynn

coloneljan said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!  I, too, am glad you are back.  Amazing how much I look forward to your weekly chat.  I know how much you both miss Trenton.  Hang in there, and I'll pray things work out for you.

ally123130585918 said...

Sam It really is so good to see you back   I'm sorry about Trenton and his parents ~ Trenton knows you will always be there for him ~ and you speak twice a week so I am sure if things went wrong he would tell you ~ Your sister looks so good in her uniform! Happy birthday to her ~ May she have many more ~ am glad that you have a new assistant to take some of the load from your shoulders ~ and to give you more time off ~ It has been a long Summer ~ Glad Paulette and everyone are OK ~ look forward to hearing about Emmie's new kitty friend Gracie ~ Take care ~ Ally

motoxmom72 said...

Hi Sam- it was nice to "meet" you in the celebration chat Sunday night.  I hope to get to know you better through your journal.

yakima127 said...

Great to hear from you!!!  Jae

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Sam :-) It's lovely to meet you!!! Thank you for your comment in my journal. I love to meet new people and I've put you in my sidebar. I love coffee and a back porch sounds great!!! By the way your sister looks very smart in her uniform ~ wow!!! Obviously I don't know the full story of your family but I really hope things work out well for you all. Looking forward to the next entry already!
hugs Debbie ~xxxx~

lurkynat said...

Dear Sam, Welcome back to your spot! We all knew you were very busy! I'm so sorry that Trentons' parents are spliting up and that there was grief there... sigh.. Im glad that he will get to see his beloved grandparetns! Happy Birthday
Jan Marie! hugs! thanks for the great pciture of Jan Marie of rus Sam! Im glad that you Paulette and Jan Marie are doing great!

onemoretina said...

    How nice to see you again, Sam.  I, too, have been 'out of the loop' due to family matters, and I was happy to have a bit of time to make the rounds of some of my favorite places this evening, which means I was anxious to get over here and check up on YOU !  I'm sorry that you don't have better news regarding Trenton.  I will keep him in my prayers, and I do hope that you will get that visit from him next summer.  It will be good for all of you.
    Last but not least, birthday wishes to your sister !  Take care, Sam.  You've been missed.   xx  Tina

dcmeyer420 said...

Thanks for visiting my journal. Glad to meet you and I  put you on my alerts.

bvaneps834 said...

So glad you are back, Sam, seems the summer has put a little slack in all of our journal writing! Now hope the fall and winter will be better. Poor Trenton--I sympathize with all children of divorce! It Ain't fun!!  Barb

pcol450 said...

Dear Sam,

WOW...these folks really missed you and yes, what a great picture of Jan.  I too am glad you have good help now...finally a break.  All those comments...just goes to show you, you're a great guy (like I ALWAYS said!!!).  Your best girl, Paulette

southernmush said...

Hey Sam !!!!!!!!!

I had been meaning to come by earlier and leave you a note but here I am. I was wondering where you were. I kept checking your journal but I didn't see an update in your journal. You were missed by many more people other than myself. Its nice to hear from you again. Its nice to see that your still around and working at the Marina. Tell your sister Jan "Happy Birthday !!!!!!! " for me. Tell her that I keep the troops who are on active duty in my thoughts and prayers. I sure hope that the troops in Iraq are doing well I will continue to keep them in my prayers. Anyway......its nice to hear from you again and I hope that you are able to visit us at J-Land more and more you were missed. Its good to have you back. Take care Sam.....Byyyye !!!!!!!!